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Design & Branding

Ubin has ten years of experience designing for and leading teams in developing interactive experiences for mobile, web, and consumer products.

Facebook - Messenger Kids

She helped developed the branding of Messenger Kids, lead a pillar of interactive social AR experiences, and produced a large collection of product illustrations, frames, stickers, filters, and games. 

Rockyou Launched Title - Bakery Blitz

Ubin was art lead as well as the main character designer during Bakery Blitz's early development. 

Lead responsibilities included ensuring that the art of each level (including character, background, recipes, and map) functioned well together, leading brainstorm and critique sessions, reviewing art and animation concepts and final art deliverables, and managing vendors. To read more about the development of Bakery Blitz, check out Charles' portfolio!

Disney Interactive Launched Title - Pirates of the Caribbeans: Isles of War
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